The Phantom
The Phantom
The Phantom
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The Phantom

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The very popular- ‘Phantom’ is now ready to ship!

Key Features:

-Full sized hilt, hilt length around 27.5cm 

12watts LED RGB Colour - Red,Green,Blue,Yellow,Purple,white,orange,cyan - All available in the settings

4 fonts RGB Soundboard

- 4 loud movie sound fonts e.g. Dark Saber(Mandalorian), Kyle Ren, Rey


-Flash on Clash

-Pulse (fast flickering)

-Infinite colourchanging

-Smoothswing(Latest Technology)

-The Entire electronic kit is carefully protected in a removable chassis , they are built to last.

3watt Speaker - Adjustable volume: Low/High or mute.

Built-in Battery 3400mAh 18650 3.7V

Blade - 92cm 1 inch diameter duelling blade

All Fully Installed sabers come with USB charging cable, user manual , allen key and screws for blade retention.


XENOPIXEL Neopixel Option SPECS:

Includes all parts as stated above in RGBX, in addition, Xenopixel has extra features!
Features Include:

-20+movie fonts e.g.Darth Vader, Cal Kestis, Mandalorian darksaber, Leia, Rey, Obi WAN etc.);

-infinite colourchanging(colour cycle)


-flash on clash

-Localised lock up

- blaster blocks

-Volume is adjustable from Low-Medium-High

-Gesture Control(e.g.twist the saber to ignite and retract blade)

-Neopixel blade effects :rainbow blade, blaster blade, flickering, ghost blade, fire blade etc.

-Drag Effects

-Clear and loud Movie music with each sound font.

-Heavy Grade Neopixel Blade

-Blade is Brighter and more even than baselit, with scroll up and down effects, just like in the movies.

-SD card included in our Xenopixel, you can add or delete sound fonts to your will easily on a computer or laptop.


This saber is also VHS compatible.
Meaning you can swap parts between compatible sabers to form your very own , unique lightsaber.