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Our latest release, the Vader's replica saber as used in the Kenobi Series.

The angled wiring , O-type prequels belt clip and thinner hilt body make this the perfect replica saber that you can play with and wear to conventions.

We are very proud to be one of the first to ever release this latest Canon Vader replica lightsaber on the market.



-Available in Empty, RGBX V3 Baselit, Xenopixel , Golden Harvest V3 and Proffie 2.2.

Blade is included for all options except empty hilt.


-Free Worldwide shipping at checkout

 Empty hilt includes the hilt without electronics. Blade plug is also included. 

Baselit RGBX Option Specs:

- Dueling Strength 1” Diameter Polycarbonate blade. Comes with allen key for blade retention.

-RGB Color Changing Bright LED

-Flash on Clash - when your lightsaber clashes into something it produces sound and blade effects.

-Blaster Deflection - press the AV Switch to produce both sound and blade effects.

-Lock-Up - Can clash to create blade and sound effects like when sabers are locked together in the movies.

-RGBX Soundboard - 16 Sound Fonts & Mute - Cycle through 9 different sounds to customize your lightsaber or mute it .

-Internal Electronic Chassis - Keeps electronics protected in case of heavy dueling/drops/impacts. This is needed for your saber to be properly protected. Our Sabers are built to last.

-In-Hilt Recharge - USB Connection to recharge without the need to remove battery or have extra charging unit. Comes with USB Cable.

  • Blade: 2mm thick blade wall 1” Diameter, 92cm.
  • Hilt Length = 12 inches
  • Light:12 watts LED  
  • Speaker: 2 watts 4 ohm  
  • Battery: 3600mah 18650 3.7v



XENOPIXEL Neopixel Option SPECS:

Includes all parts as stated above in RGBX, in addition, Xenopixel has extra features!
Features Include:

-20+movie fonts e.g.Darth Vader, Cal Kestis, Mandalorian darksaber, Leia, Rey, Obi WAN etc.);

-infinite colourchanging(colour cycle)


-flash on clash

-Localised lock up

- blaster blocks

-Volume is adjustable from Low-Medium-High

-Gesture Control(e.g.twist the saber to ignite and retract blade)

-Neopixel blade effects :rainbow blade, blaster blade, flickering, ghost blade, fire blade etc.

-Drag Effects

-Clear and loud Movie music with each sound font.

-Heavy Grade Neopixel Blade

-Blade is Brighter and more even than baselit, with scroll up and down effects, just like in the movies.

-SD card included in our Xenopixel, you can add or delete sound fonts to your will easily on a computer or laptop.


Golden Harvest V3 Neopixel (latest Phase):

-includes all features of Xenopixel

-consists of 47 sound fonts, plenty of both custom and movie fonts will be at your disposal!

-Settings are customizable beyond just the sound fonts, via SD card .

- Accent Swings

-Menu system, allows you to change certain settings without having to access SD card.

-More blade profiles 

To view full Golden Harvest Features and user manual, please visit SaberTec official website.


Proffie 2.2 (latest programme) Neopixel:

With a proffie board, you can create your own configs and add custom sounds, activation variables, light patterns, volume controls, gesture controls, switch variables.

Constant seasonal updates will be published which allows you to update the board should you want to spice it up!

Proffieboard is the most customizable and modifiable soundboard on the market. You can create almost anything with a proffieboard, including added crystal chamber lights, programmable LED screens and so much more. For detailed user manual, please visit the official Proffie OS website.

Our Proffieboard option comes equipped with over 25 character sound fonts and a powerful bass speaker for best possible volume and sound quality.